High Valley Vineyards produces ultra-premium cabernet sauvignon & sauvignon blanc wines from it's estate in clear lake oaks.



“In years to come when wine fanciers proudly tout the cool climate

grapes of High Valley you will smile knowingly & recount your

visit in the early days discovering superb Sauvignon Blanc… 

If you visit soon you will be a witness to history.” 

-  Gene Burns KGO 810


“The High Valley area is one of the coolest grape growing regions in

Lake County  Its topography produces growing conditions

unlike the rest of the county.”  -  Paul Franson, Wines & Vines


“Here’s another successful Lake County Sauvignon Blanc.  Its

zingy in refreshing lemon custard flavors, with a rich,

butteryness brightened by citrusy acids.”  -  S.H., Wine Enthusiast


“One of the most elegant, ethereal Sauvignon Blancs in

California winedom.”  -  David P. Jones, Wine Works






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